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I will never forget the day my village people had my time. I went to my uncle’s place, and I met them drinking tea, so he told me to go make my tea as well. The longer-throat spirit in me made me scoop more than enough milk inside the cup; I had my thick tea and headed for class.


It was Dr. Osimiri’s lecture, and you dare not go out once you are in his class. All of a sudden, I started feeling this uneasiness within me. I felt like throwing up, and I had a runny stomach and headache at the same time. The most embarrassing thing was that John, my crush, was sitting behind me.


In the midst of me thinking of what to do, my lecturer called me out to explain what he has been saying. Oh my God! I was in deep shit. How can all these be happening to me at this time? My village people finally had my time. Immediately I stood up, I felt the hot gas out of my anus; it was uncontrollable.


The whole class was in chaos under 10 secs, and my lecturer left with anger. My crush gave me this “ahh fine girl like you” look; I was extremely embarrassed. I managed myself to my house; I felt bloated all through the day.


I had to visit the doctor the next day who eventually told me that I’m LACTOSE INTOLERANT. I was like what is that, so he explained to me that it is a condition in which people have symptoms due to the decreased ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. People who are Lactose intolerant lack lactase enzymes in their small intestine to break lactose down into glucose and galactose.


Wow, how ignorant I have been all these while. Yea, so the doctor also made it known to me that most Nigerians aren’t aware of LACTOSE INTOLERANCE.


So it wasn’t my village people after all; whew! Me that I love milk like this, what will I now be taking? My doctor then introduced me to HOLLANDIA LACTOSE FREE easy to digest milk. Oh, what a huge relief to be able to eat my cake and have it.


I went to my lecturer’s office to apologize to him and explained what happened. The only painful thing is that my crush now gives me this kind of weird look, and that was how I lost my crush ooooo. Please don’t be like me. You can enjoy your milk without discomfort with HOLLANDIA LACTOSE FREE EASY TO DIGEST MILK.

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